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ozmo | modea - overview

Ozmo creates products that transform device support. Over 75,000 contact center agents enjoy increased confidence and improved performance metrics with the ability to solve any device issue through the use of Ozmo’s unrestricted troubleshooting tool. Additionally Ozmo provides self serve tools that empower customers and provide consistent answers available across all of their digital channels.

Using photography, screen capturing software, photo-editing programs, and a custom XML framework my main role was to build product solutions that help mobile operators and their consumers solve any device or software issue quickly and effectively. Additionally, I have participated in various areas of design within the company, ranging from product updates and redesigns, to printed collateral.

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Photo Editing
Product Photography
Project Setup and Management

how do you create a superb product?

During a sprint project to update our existing customer-facing, device support product a team of 3, myself included, created multiple design iterations to address client needs. After many meetings and several revisions we ended up with a direction that was finalized by the product designer. Additionally, I was tasked with a coworker to create an icon set used for the final product.

While this device support product has since been updated, building off of the first iteration, you can view the newest version here.

keeping it consistently consistent

As a senior content developer one of my specialties included device photography. In order to keep consistency within all teams I created an illustrated, guided tutorial that included tips and tricks for camera settings, photoshop settings and structure, and how to best preserve files.

support your team!

As a proud Modean and Ozmonaut I relished in creating designs that encouraged a positive company culture for current and future employees. From tees (worn proudly during events, and long after) to print work that brought new faces to the fold, I jumped at the opportunity to create.